A strange journey

Alice is the heroine of Disney’s animated Alice In Wonderland, based on the famous novel by Lewis Carrol. Alice is a little English girl of the end of the 19th century who, at the beginning of the story, is bored while listening to her sister reading and falls asleep. Then she sees a white rabbit running by, repeating that he is late. She follows it to its burrow and falls for a very long time. When she finally lands, she finds herself in a strange world where everyone seems a little crazy. She runs into a cat that keeps disappearing and reappearing, onto a group of friends celebrating their non-birthdays. And none of them are much help in finding her way back.

A wise little girl

For this new version of Alice, Funko has represented her as she is seen when she meets the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland and curtsies to her. She is of course wearing her famous little blue dress with balloon sleeves and a little white apron. She is also wearing white tights and small black shoes. On her head, we find her blond hair pulled back by a small black bow.