The most famous carriage

Cinderella is the heroine of the famous Disney cartoon based on Perrault’s fairy tale. She is a young woman living in a rich house with her stepmother and two sisters-in-law, but she is treated as a servant since the death of her father. One day, the prince holds a ball with all the young brides of the kingdom. Cinderella thinks she can escape her sad life for one night, but her stepsisters tear up the dress made by her mouse and bird friends. Fortunately, Cinderella’s fairy godmother is there to save the evening. She makes a new dress and also a princess-like carriage from a pumpkin. Her friends mice, horses and dogs are transformed into white horses, a driver and a valet. Thanks to this, Cinderella will be able to meet the prince and fall in love.

A Fairy Coach

For this new pop wrinkle, Funko has represented the famous Cinderella carriage. It keeps more or less the shape of a pumpkin but turquoise with many golden ornaments taking back the vegetal side and the way the pumpkin stems curl up. The carriage is pulled by two elegant white horses with golden straps and pink feathers on top of their heads. The small door is decorated with a small window with pink curtains and golden light.