A jealous kitten

Figaro is the little cat of the carpenter and sculptor Geppetto in the Disney cartoon Pinocchio. He and Cleo the little golden fish are two secondary characters but still present during a good part of the film. Figaro is present when Geppetto makes Pinocchio and is a little jealous of the attention the old man gives the puppet, wishing that he would become a real little boy. He is even more jealous when Pinocchio comes to life and Geppetto is particularly happy. Despite this, Figaro becomes attached to the little boy and is happy when he becomes a real boy in the end. He also spends a lot of time playing with Cleo, the little golden fish in his bowl.

Happy Dancers

Figaro and Cleo are shown here in the scene where Pinocchio has just come to life and they are all dancing for joy to Geppetto’s music. Figaro is a small black cat with a white belly, white paws and white face. He is standing here with a big smile on his face and one eye closed because of the kiss Cleo the fish gave him on the cheek. Cleo has jumped out of his round jar with a little castle decoration inside. Some water splashes out of his jar.