A Wicked Witch

Madam Mim is a cult character from the Disney Studios cartoon Merlin The Enchantress. In this cartoon, Merlin, the famous enchanter, becomes the tutor of young Arthur, who does not know at the time that he is in fact the son of the last king of England. While Merlin has turned him into a blackbird for his lesson and he is being chased by an eagle, he takes refuge in the house of the wicked Madam Mim. She tries to kill him because she is an old enemy of Merlin. Then follows this famous challenge between the two magicians. They demonstrate their magical skills, mainly by changing into various animals.

A Funny Little Witch

Madam Mim is shown here in her normal appearance. She is a small round woman dressed in a pink and purple dress with a very flared skirt. With it, she also wears small purple shoes and even her skin is pink. Her short, spiky hair is also purple and her eyes are an eerie green. You can see her one tooth sticking out over her upper lip.