Lovely friends

Meeko is Pocahontas’ raccoon friend in the famous Disney Studios cartoon of the same name, very loosely based on the true story of the real Pocahontas. In this version, Pocahontas is a young Powhatans girl who will fall in love with John Smith, an English colonizer who came with to find resources and wealth on the lands of Pocahontas’ people. Meeko is a facetious and very greedy little raccoon, always ready to do anything to find new sources of food, including stealing it. He is one of Pocahontas’ best friends. He is also friends with Flint, a hummingbird with whom he shares a passion for all things sweet.

A Greedy Duo

For Earth Day, Funko represented this adorable duo. Meeko is sitting on his backside and we can see his grey body with his striped tail and his black paws. On the adorable head, we find the patterns around his eyes as well as his little black nose and his spiked ears. His mouth is open with a little smile and he holds a raspberry in each front paw. Flit is represented in flight with his beautiful white and turquoise plumage. He has a little puff on the top of his head and holds a raspberry on his long muzzle.