A shy pig

Piglet is one of the characters in the famous Winnie The Pooh cartoon based on the children’s books by Englishman Alan Milne written in the 1920s. They tell the adventures of Winnie, a teddy bear, and his friends in the enchanted forest. Piglet is a little pig and one of Winnie’s best friends. He is always rather worried and therefore often hesitates to go on an adventure with his friends Winnie, Tigger or Eeyore. He prefers to stay at home as much as possible and take care of his house, which he always keeps very neat.

A festive pig

Piglet is represented here for Funko’s Christmas collection. We can still see his funny little body striped in darker pink and he stands on his hind legs. On his head we find his big ears and his smiling face. Finally, he wears a long red hat with a white pompom and a yellow scarf and he holds in his hand a yellow present with a green bow.