A grumpy soul

22 is one of the heroines of the Disney Pixar Studios cartoon Soul. She is a soul waiting in the zone between Earth and the afterlife, where young souls are trained by a sort of coach who helps them find their spark, preparing them to integrate a body on Earth. But 22 has been in this area for centuries, even millennia and has had many famous coaches who have all failed in their task, she does not wish to leave this place she knows well and go to Earth. It is then that Joe Gardner arrives, a man who has just died while he was finally going to obtain what he had always dreamed, to play in a jazz band with his idol. He is made a coach and given 22. Both souls see an opportunity to help each other, get the spark for 22 but use it to return to Earth in his place so that it stays where it belongs. But things do not go as planned and it is 22 who finds himself in the body of Joe and Joe in the body of a cat.

A Troubled Soul

For this new version of the character, Funko has depicted her here wearing a wide, slightly evil smile. Like all the other souls, she is represented on a transparent plastic base that gives the impression that she is flying. Her body is white in the classic shape of a spectrum with just two arms and a small point on the top of her head. She wears a big, devilish smile with her eyebrows adding to her mischievous expression.