A fighter

Giulia is one of the important characters in the Disney Studios cartoon Luca. She is a young girl living in the Italian village of Portorosso. For years she has been participating in the village triathlon, hoping to beat the town bully. But it’s not easy when she has to compete alone. Then Luca and Alberto, two young boys who happen to be sea monsters, show up, just wanting to discover the human world and buy a Vespa. They decide to race together and Giulia takes them in for a while. They will meet her father, a fisherman, and her cat Machiavelli who will soon discover their secret and not trust them.

A Brave Young Girl

Giulia is shown here wearing the outfit she wears for most of the film. She is wearing blue jeans with a darker knee patch and brown sandals. On top, she is wearing a red and white striped t-shirt and is standing with her hands on her hips. At the top, we see her tanned skin and red cheeks and she is talking. Her voluminous curly red hair is sticking out of her blue cap.