A greedy rabbit

Fun Bun is a minor character in Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet cartoon, a follow-up to the “Wreck it Ralph” cartoon. In the first he was a video game villain who got tired of being bad and tried to run away from his game. In this second installment, Ralph and his friend Vanellope find themselves making videos on the internet to earn money to save Vanellope’s game. Among other things, he will make unboxing videos where he will introduce new games such as Pancake Milkshake, where Fun Bun the rabbit and Puddles the cat have to be fed with their favourite food, pancakes in the case of Fun Bun.

Poor Bunny

Funko has depicted Fun Bun here as seen in the post-generic scene when Ralph and Vanellope are playing the game and Ralph gives Fun Bun so many pancakes that he swells up and eventually explodes. The little white rabbit’s body is now round, with its two back legs barely protruding from it. His head has also inflated and we can see his two big rabbit ears on the top of his head. Finally, we can see the distressed expression on his face as he forces himself to eat several stacked pancakes covered with butter and maple syrup.