A faithful ally

Hedwig is Harry Potter’s pet owl in the Harry Potter literary and film saga. Harry Potter is a young English boy who discovers, on his eleventh birthday, that he is in fact a wizard and that his parents did not die in a car accident but were killed by Voldemort, a terrible wizard who had tried to take power to get rid of the wizards he considered as not being of pure blood. Hagrid, the half-giant who had come to pick him up, accompanied him to do his shopping for the beginning of the school year. For this occasion, Hagrid gave him a white owl with black spots. Harry will quickly become attached to it and it will become a faithful friend in the course of his adventures. In the last opus of Harry Potter’s adventures, Harry is escorted by the order of the Phoenix to take him to safety while he is alone at his uncle’s house. When they are attacked, Hedwig will show one last act of courage in trying to protect him and will die like that.

A beautiful bird

For this exclusive version of Hedwig, Funko has represented it in a flocked version, i.e. with a soft texture with a peach skin appearance. She is therefore shown sitting on her legs with her wings folded. Her impressive owl talons are well represented and she is all white with black spots only on her wings. On the head, it is represented with large black eyes and its peculiarly shaped beak partly covered with feathers.