The second sister

Padma Patil is one of the two Patil sisters, the non-identical twin sisters from the Harry Potter saga. Both sisters arrive at the same time as Harry Potter at the Hogwarts school of magic but unlike her sister who will be placed at Gryffindor, Padma will go to the Ravenclaw family and will therefore have much less interaction with the three heroes of the series. We will cross Padma with her sister on several occasions but it is in the fourth part when she accompanies Ron to the Yule Ball and Parvati accompanies Harry, that we see her in a more important role. She and her sister are very disappointed by the course of the evening but that does not prevent them from remaining friends with the two boys and from joining them of course at the battle of Hogwarts in the last opus.

Half of two twins

Like her sister, Padma is represented with a traditional Indian outfit she wears during the Yule Ball. Her outfit is exactly the same as her sister with the colours reversed. The top is a kind of pink short-sleeved t-shirt with floral embroideries and an embroidered orange skirt matching the scarf crossing her chest. She is also wearing a matching bracelet. Her long black hair is partly held back at the back of her head with small strands of hair falling down the front of her face. She also wears silver earrings and a jewel on her forehead.