A Legend of Konoha

Minato Namikaze was the father of the hero of the anime series and manga Naruto Shippuden. In this modern world where the ninja tradition has remained very important, Minato was a true legend. He was one of the hokage (kind of leader) of the hidden village of Konoha. His enemies were so afraid of him that they would run away when he arrived. Before Naruto was born, the nine-tailed demon Kurama was threatening to destroy the village. Minato decided to tie the demon to his newborn son to save his village and control the demon. As he grows up, Naruto will do anything to live up to his father’s standards.

A Young Warrior

For this chase figure, Minato is represented in glows in the dark version, that is to say with some parts of the figure glowing in the dark. He is shown standing in battle and wearing his traditional ninja outfit. He’s wearing blue pants with matching sandals and a sort of green zip-up sweater. He is also wearing a long beige coat with the edges decorated with red flames. On his head, we find his blond hair falling around his face and in peaks on the top of his head. He also holds a ball of energy in his right hand (which glows in the dark) and a dagger in his other hand.