Disobedient Warriors

The Death Watch Mandalorians are a faction of Mandalorians who decided to disobey the order to remain completely peaceful and took up arms when necessary in The Mandalorian series. We first meet them when The Mandalorian, the hero bounty hunter of the series, decides to take back The Child, the target he had brought back to a client he doesn’t trust. This triggers the anger of the guild and the client’s bodyguard. Fortunately, the Death Watch is there to help him escape and take the child to safety. When The Mandalorian returns to this planet at the end at the request of the guild leader and is trapped by the client’s men, the Death Watch is again there to help him escape and defeat him.

A more practical outfit

Members of the Death Watch have a simpler, more practical outfit than other mandalorians. It is a simple beige jumpsuit with black boots and several brown harnesses to hang his weapons on. He also wears several pieces of blue armor in important places, arms, knees, shoulders and chest. He also holds his rifle with a rather sober black and silver design. Finally, he wears the famous mandalorian helmet, here blue but with this characteristic shape on the face. There is also this kind of antenna on the left side.