The Mission

IG-11 is a droid working as a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, specifically in The Mandalorian series, following the adventures of The Mandalorian, another well-known hunter in the galaxy. Like many other bounty hunters, IG-11 had “The Child” as his target, whom he was tasked to kill. But he and The Mandalorian arrived at the same time at the child, a youngster of Master Yoda’s species, and the latter decided not to kill him. But because IG-11’s programming forced it to do exactly as it was intended, The Mandalorian was forced to kill the droid to protect the child.

A retro droid

IG-11 has a very typical early Star Wars design. It’s a vaguely anthropomorphic droid made of grey, slightly rusty in places. You can see a lot of mechanical parts, wires, cables, rivets, etc on his rather skinny legs and arms. In his arms, he carries a very large black rifle with his finger on the trigger. On the head, it looks more like the top of a turret gun with the top seeming to be able to turn 360 degrees and this sort of telescopic tip.