A Lonely Boy

Jonathan is a major character in the Netflix phenomenon series Stranger Things. This series set in the 1980s and with a very Stephen King vibe tells the https://tempatwisatagarut.com/ story of young Will’s strange disappearance as well as everything that will be put in place by his family, friends and the police in the small town where he lives, to find him. In the first episode, Will encounters a strange creature on his way home through the forest and a secret research lab.

The creature chases him home and just when he thinks he’s safe, the creature catches him and Will finds himself in a strange world similar sbobet to his own but at the same time very different. Jonathan is his older brother, a rather lonely and strange young man.

Their mother is convinced that Will’s disappearance is strange and Jonathan doesn’t believe it until he accidentally photographs the monster just as it abducts another person, Barb, Nancy’s best friend and older sister of one of Will’s best friends. They https://wisatasulawesi.com/ end up investigating together until their clues match up with those found by his mother and Will’s three best friends.

A Photography Enthusiast

Jonathan is a strange boy with a passion for photography, so logically he was portrayed with this accessory. Jonathan wears the black jeans and the ranger boots with which we see him during most of the episodes. On top, he has a typical https://sharetempatwisata.com/ 80’s look, a plaid shirt worn open over a blue t-shirt and a black jean jacket matching his jeans. On the head, his face is rather simple but we can recognize his hair falling on his forehead and framing his face. Finally, he holds his famous camera in his hands: a retro reflex camera equipped with a flash like we had in the 80s.