The mermaid who wanted to become human

Ariel is the heroine of The Little Mermaid, the Disney cartoon loosely adapted from Andersen’s famous tale. It is the story of a young mermaid, Ariel, who is the youngest daughter of King Triton. Ariel has always been fascinated by what comes from the human world. One day during a storm, Prince Eric falls off his boat. Ariel comes to his rescue and saves him from drowning. She brings him back to the beach and instantly falls in love with him, but when he wakes up, he doesn’t have time to see her because she has already gone back underwater. In love and ready to do anything to see him again, Ariel goes to see the witch Medusa and asks her to give him legs. She accepts in exchange for her voice. Moreover, Ariel has only three days to make the prince fall in love or she will become Medusa’s slave forever. Of course, Medusa will do everything to prevent her from doing so.

Ariel in a ball gown

This figure is part of a new series of Disney princesses in a more detailed style and still in ball gowns and/or dancing. This figurine is inspired by the moment when Ariel goes to dance with Prince Eric after he takes her in when she washes up on the beach with her new legs. Being unable to speak and having no clothes, he takes pity on her and welcomes her to the palace. Ariel is a very good dancer and she will charm everyone at this ball. We find this famous pink ball gown with balloon sleeves and a full skirt. With one hand, she holds one of the sides of her dress, which allows to create a nice movement and to let appear the detail of her many petticoats. On the head, her face is very simple but we can see her long red hair which follows the movement of her dress. In her ears, we find her pretty white pearl earrings.