The cruelest Disney villain of them all

Cruella is the famous villain in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians cartoon. This cartoon tells the story of two Dalmatians who are determined to find a mate for their human companion. They then push them to meet and fall in love themselves. A year later, the humans are married and Perdita, the female Dalmatian is giving birth to her litter of puppies. But then Cruella, Anita’s boss, shows up and asks to buy the eleven puppies to make a fur coat. Everyone is horrified and of course they refuse. But soon after, the eleven puppies are kidnapped and Pongo and Perdita rightly suspect Cruella. They set out to find the puppies and are surprised to discover that Cruella had taken a total of 99 puppies. After managing to save them, the parents adopt all the little dogs. Cruella ends up in prison and everything ends well.

The Two-Colored Villain

Funko of course depicted Cruella with her long white fur coat and all black, white and red look. Her hair is black on one side and white on the other. The only color is red with her lipstick, gloves and matching shoes. Finally, we can recognize the exaggerated shape of her eyebrows and the cigarette holder in her right hand.