A faithful friend

Frozone is one of Mr. Incredible’s best friends and overall the entire Incredible family in The Incredibles 1 and 2. Like the Incredible family, he is a superhero who found himself forced back into anonymity after public opinion changed dramatically regarding superheroes. Frozone has the ability to control water molecules and therefore be able to turn it into ice at will. He has often teamed up with Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible on important missions. And as a new villain comes to town, he too will be back on duty. He is also the godfather of the three children of the Incredible family.

A super-cool hero

Frozone is shown here in action, surfing on the ice that he himself is creating while standing on his metal shield. He is wearing a blue and white suit with boots and gloves in a very classic superhero style. Finally, on the face, he wears a white helmet that just shows the bottom of his face, his brown skin and his goatee cut very precisely.