A cute little baby

Jack-Jack is the last of the Parr family in the Disney Studios cartoon The Incredibles 1 and 2. This family has the peculiarity that all members are superheroes with an impressive superpower. But superheroes are not very well seen today, so the Parrs had to resign themselves to live in anonymity and take classic jobs. Jack-Jack began manifesting his powers at a young age and has the ability to alter his molecules to take on any texture and appearance he wants. Being young, this often comes down to copying what he sees or instinctive reactions to danger.

A simple form

For this FYE exclusive figure, Funko represented Jack-Jack in his simplest outfit, a simple white diaper. He is sitting on his buttocks, legs spread with his arms in the middle for more stability. His face is simple but his eyebrows and the fact that he is slightly bent over express his curious side and of course there is the unique little puff of red hair on the top of his head.