An Ordinary Man

Mr. Incredible is one of the heroes in Disney Pixar Studios’ Incredibles 2 and thus the sequel to the first film of the same name. He is the father of a family of superheroes whose members have superpowers but unfortunately superheroes are not really welcome anymore after one of them caused a disaster, so most of them live in hiding. In the second, while his wife Elastigirl tries to re-legitimize superheroes, Mr. Incredible is looking after his three children. But a new super villain named Screenslaver comes to town and Mr. Incredible’s super strength may be needed again to fight him.

A classic costume

On this figure, Mr Incredible is of course represented with his famous superhero costume. This one is a tight red jumpsuit with underwear, gloves and black boots. On his exaggeratedly muscular torso, we find the logo of his superhero name, a yellow “i” on a black background. On his head, we find his minimalist nori mask, his massive head and his funny little puff of blond hair on the top of his head.