A princess who wants to see the world

Jasmine is one of the important characters in the cartoon Aladdin adapted from the famous tale of the Arabian Nights. Jasmine is the princess and daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah and to her father’s dismay, no man finds favor in her eyes. Jasmine would like to know a little more about life in her kingdom, but her father always keeps her in the palace so that she is always safe. But one night, she disguises herself and manages to escape from the palace to go to the market to meet the people of Agrabah. But not knowing anything about life outside, she picks up an apple from a stall and starts eating it without knowing that she should pay for it and when she has no money on her anyway. Fortunately, that’s when she meets Aladdin who saves her from having her hand cut off. He makes her discover the city and it’s love at first sight between the two young people.

A Princess in Camouflage

So here Funko has depicted the princess with the long brown hooded one she wears so she won’t be recognized. This one hides almost all her hair and clothes. We can however see her elegant golden shoes as well as her earrings and her tiara sticking out of her hood. Finally, one of her hands holds her hood tightly under her neck to really keep her anonymous.