Joy at the helm

Joy is one of the main characters in the Disney Pixar Studios cartoon Inside Out (Vice Versa). In this cartoon the story of little Riley is told from her birth to her early teenage years via the five main emotions controlling her brain. These emotions influence Riley’s life by sending signals through a control panel and take care of storing her memories according to their importance and category. Joy has always been in control of the little girl’s brain, but when her parents get into financial trouble and have to move out of their lovely home and into the city, things get tough. Through a series of unintentional events, Sadness and Joy find themselves away from the control center and it is Anger, Disgust and Fear that find themselves in charge before they can find their way back into Riley’s brain.

The Embodiment of Joy

Joy being the physical representation of joy, it had to be reflected in her appearance and attitude. Funko has therefore created a figure perfectly faithful to the character of the film. Joy has a slim and slender body and is coloured yellow to recall the sun. To accentuate this impression she wears a light green summer dress with a blue flower pattern. On the head, Joy has a haircut reminiscent of a fairy and a bright blue color to add contrast to the character. Her face is quite simple but Funko has, for once, chosen to add a smile to stay true to the character’s attitude. Finally, Joy is shown with her arms wide open in a very positive attitude, as if she was ready to go on an adventure or to take someone in her arms.