A princess on the street

Beauty and the Tramp is a famous cartoon from Walt Disney Studios. It tells the story of a little cocker spaniel dog who is very well cared for by her small English family, but whose life will change the day they decide to have a baby. Lady is no longer the center of attention, but things get even worse when a family member shows up with his two nasty Siamese cats, who get into a lot of trouble and blame Lady for it. When her owner takes Lady to a shop to buy a muzzle, she can’t stand it and runs away. She ends up wandering around the city and meets “The Tramp” a mongrel street dog who helps her out and even escapes when they are captured by the pound. In the end Lady will find her home and the couple will also adopt her new lover.

An Adorable Couple

This two-pack of figures was released exclusively for Hot Topic stores. It includes the Lady figure and “The Tramp” figure. As in the cartoon, Lady is a small cocker spaniel. She is sitting and we can see her light brown coat and her big ears with long hair of a darker brown. Her small muzzle is represented in relief and we find her black “eyebrows” which make her more expressive. She is also wearing her little blue collar with a golden medal. Clochard, as for him, is a small grey dog of undetermined race. He is also represented sitting with big black eyes and black eyebrows. We find of course his big ears with curved tips and pink inside which characterize this adorable character.