The Children’s Leader

Lock is one of the three kids trick-or-treating in Halloween town in The Nightmare Before Christmas, but also one of Oogie Boogie’s sidekicks, whom they serve more out of fear than real conviction. Lock is the leader of the little gang and although he is clearly not the smartest, the others always end up following his orders. It’s the three of them who kidnap Santa Claus on Oogie Boogie’s orders after they make a mistake and kidnap the Easter Bunny by mistake. It is Jack Skellington who will bring the rabbit home and take Santa’s place until he is found.

A Real Little Devil

Just like in the cartoon, Lock is wearing a devil costume. He wears simple red pants and t-shirt with matching pointy shoes. His head is completely hidden by his red mask with big horns, two black eyes and a big smile with white pointed teeth. You can just see his ears and red hair sticking out. He stands with one hand behind his back and in the other he holds a slingshot.