A Love Story

Jack Skellington and Sally are two of the main characters in the stop motion cartoon The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. Jack is the master of ceremonies in Halloween town and as the holiday approaches, he is of course very busy. But this year, Jack is not very motivated and feels melancholic. When he finds Christmas town during one of his walks and sees that everyone seems to be happy, he thinks that this is the solution to his sadness. But in fact, he will come to understand that it was simply love that was missing from his life, as Sally, the little living rag doll, will make him understand.

A romantic scene

For this movie moment, Funko decided to represent the two characters when Sally joins Jack in the forest and they sing under the light of the moon on a funny hill covered with snow. We find this funny spiral shape with stalactites sticking out of it and of course pumpkins and pieces of grave. Sally is at the top of the hill with her hand over her heart and Jack is holding her other hand while he is declaring his love to her while singing. This figure is particularly elegant and we appreciate the attention to detail especially in the wind moving the clothes of the two characters.