A faithful companion beyond death

Zero is Jack Skellington’s adorable little ghost dog companion in the animated Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas. And he needs his little dog’s affection because this year, the master of ceremonies of Halloween town is not feeling in the mood. He’s melancholy and unmotivated, without really knowing why. And that’s how he and Zero, during one of their walks, will find themselves in Christmas town where everyone seems to be cheerful. Jack wants to find out more about the holiday, thinking it’s the solution to his problem, but doesn’t realize that what he’s missing is love. He finds it in Sally, the little rag doll living with the town’s mad scientist.

An Adorable House

For this movie moment, Funko chose to represent Zero when we see him in his little niche/crypt in the cemetery. There is this strange black floor with a strange texture with some stones and a rough barrier surrounding Zero’s crypt. It looks like a miniature human crypt with the cross on top and his name and a crude representation of himself with two bones underneath. Zero is depicted with his ever cheerful attitude floating above the landscape with the help of a small transparent stand. The detail of his little pumpkin nose is particularly cute.