The return of a villain

Underminer is a character from the Disney Studios film The Incredibles 2. He was a super villain who robbed banks with a giant vacuum cleaner and aimed to cause chaos and destruction, making him a terrorist as well as a bank robber. In the second film, he appears in part in flashbacks, notably when he attempts to bring down City Hall and is narrowly prevented by Frozone and Mr. Incredible. He is then mentioned many times in the film but he appears very little as such.

A Funny Face

As in the movie, Underminer has a rather small and stocky physique and wears brown overalls with a black cape. His two arms are replaced by mechanical metal arms and he holds an old retro microphone in which he is screaming. On his head, he wears a miner’s helmet with a headlamp that rests on his nose, hiding his two eyes. Finally, he is shown screaming, with his mouth wide open, revealing his two very long front teeth.