A mysterious villain

Screenslaver is one of the new villains in Pixar Studios’ The Incredibles 2 still featuring the famous Parr family, a family where all members are superheroes. Screenslaver is said to hypnotize people with his mind, forcing them to do whatever he wants. But as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and their superhero allies begin to investigate, they soon realize that things are not so simple and that there are other villains behind the mysterious Screenslaver.

A Strange Appearance

As in the movie, Screenslaver is shown wearing this outfit that completely hides his face and thus his identity. He wears simple black jeans with matching sneakers and a black top with gloves that look like laboratory gloves. But what is most notable is this mask that covers his face with a simple grid at the level of the mouth and very large glasses with opaque and luminous turquoise lenses.