An inseparable duo

Gohan is the eldest son of Goku and Chichi in the Dragon Ball Z cartoon and manga. When Gohan is born, Goku already knows that he is in fact an alien from a warrior race. He is therefore not surprised when Gohan inherits his powers. However, Gohan is a boy and then a gentle man and more interested in culture as he becomes an academic. Yet, when his help is needed, he is always ready to participate in the fight alongside his family and friends. He is even very good at it since he is the first to master the super saiyan 2 technique.

Gohan regains his strength

Gohan is shown here as a super saiyan as you can tell by his yellow hair and green eyes. Since fighting requires a lot of energy, he can be seen here, like his father Goku, eating a bowl of noodles. He is sitting in suits and wearing blue pants with a white tunic.