Adorable little dragon

Charmander (Salamèche) in French is a fire-type pokémon introduced in the first generation in the Pokémon video game. It is a small dragon-like pokémon with a flame at the end of its tail. This flame never goes out even in rain and water and it is said that it dies if its flame goes out. All his abilities are related to heat or fire. All these fire type attacks have a high chance of having 50% more power. In addition, when the weather is “harsh sunlight”, these special attacks are also increased by 50%. It can evolve into a Reptincel (Charmeleon) and then into a Charizard.

A Pokemon on Fire

Charmander is shown here in a diamond version, that is to say with a glittery paint that gives him a shiny look and here almost the impression of being on fire. He’s a sort of small orange dragon/dinosaur standing on his hind legs with his front legs spread out. His belly is yellow and at the end of his tail we find this little orange and yellow flame. Finally, at the head level, we find his head rather round and his mouth open in a big smile revealing four pointed teeth.