A fire pokemon

Charmander is a sixth generation pokemon in the popular video game. In it, the player plays as a pokemon trainer whose goal is to capture them, train them and then have them fight against other trainers’ pokemons to evolve them or capture the defeated. Charmander is a fire pokemon of the sixth generation and is of reptilian type. From birth, a flame is perpetually lit at the end of his tail and this is how he fights most often. It is said that Charmander will die if his flame is extinguished.

An adorable dinosaur

With his large reptilian appearance, Charmander looks very much like a dinosaur. Funko has depicted him on his hind legs with his front legs extended. His body is yellow except for his belly and the underside of his tail which are light yellow. At the end of his tail, we find this small yellow and red flame. At the level of the head, we find his black eyes and his large mouth open on four teeth.