A Mighty Turtle

Squirtle (Carapuce in French) is a first-generation water-type pokémon in the popular Pokémon video game from Nintendo Studios. Squirtle is a turtle-like mutant creature whose shell is soft at birth and hardens over time to become a sort of shield against attacks. It also allows him to protect himself from the cold and to be faster underwater. Squirtle gets its name from the fact that it can project water with its mouth with a very strong pressure. It can evolve into a Wartortle and then a Blastoise.

A silver turtle

Squirtle is shown here in a silver version, fully covered in silver paint. He is standing on his back legs and holding his two front legs forward, ready to attack. We can see the textures on his belly and his short legs. On his back, he has a turtle shell as well as one that twists. On the head, we can see his turtle head.