A turtle tougher than it looks

Squirtle is a first generation water-type pokémon. It is a small turtle-like pokémon with a long spiral tail and moves mainly on its hind legs. If at birth its shell is quite soft, it hardens as it gets older and even more so when it evolves into a Wartotle and then a Blastoise (Carabaffe and Tortank in French). His carapace is not only a refuge against attacks or cold but it also gives him a greater speed under water. Finally, as its name indicates, Squirtle can project water through its mouth with a very strong pressure.

A fighting turtle

Squirtle is shown here in a 25 cm supersized version. As always, he stands on his hind legs and his front legs are stretched forward. His body is mostly blue, including his legs and curved tail, but the belly of his carapace is beige and the edges are white. Its head is that of a turtle with large eyes, a large mouth and very small nostrils.