The princess of the stars

Princess Leia is one of the main characters in the first Star Wars trilogy that is also featured in the third trilogy. She is one of the main commanders of the rebel alliance challenging the evil galactic empire. In the first episode, she was taken prisoner by the terrible Darth Vader and sent a message via the robot R2D2. She manages to escape thanks to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo who intercepted the robot’s message and they join the rebel alliance. In the second film, The Empire Strikes Back, the alliance set up shop at the Echo base on the icy planet Hoth thinking they would never be found by the Empire on that planet. However, they are detected and attack the base. They attempt to defend themselves but are eventually forced to flee.

A cult scene.

Princess Leia has been represented here during this famous fight in front of a control panel. She is part of a series of six deluxe figures with bases representing the ice of the planet Hoth. The control panel is grey with a kind of keyboard and many buttons then a screen showing the radar. Leia is wearing a white outfit suitable for the cold with big white boots and a thick beige vest over it. Finally, her long brown hair is braided and pulled back in a crown around her head.