The second victim

Barb is a secondary but relatively important character in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Set in the early 1980s in a small American town, this series tells the story of the strange disappearance of a young boy and especially of his search by his mother, his brother, his friends and the local police. Indeed, while returning from a game of Dungeons and Dragons at his friend Mike’s house, Will is kidnapped by a strange monster. In parallel to the search for Will, we follow the story of Mike’s older sister and her friend Barb. While the two young women are at a party at the older sister’s boyfriend’s house, Barb finds herself alone in the garden. Then she is also attacked by the monster who takes her to a strange place, a kind of parallel world. Her friend then starts to investigate to find her and this will of course end up intersecting with the investigation for her little brother’s friend.

A typical look

Barb has a typical 80’s uptight teenager look and this is particularly well represented on her figure. We find these beige pants with brown boots and this pink blouse with a very strict cut. In her arms, she holds files and textbooks like the serious girl she is. On her head, we can see her freckles and her pink cheeks with a light blue make-up on her eyelids. Finally, she also wears her famous big glasses and her red hair pulled back in a bun.