A newcomer

Robin is a newcomer in season 3 of the famous fantasy series Stranger Things but for now her role is still very mysterious. Indeed, we only discovered her in the first teaser in the form of a commercial for the new shopping mall in the town of Hawkins. We thus discover Robin working with Steve at the Ahoy ice cream shop and smiling to the camera in a very embarrassed way. Season 3 being planned for the beginning of summer 2019, we can imagine that it will take place during the school holidays and, given this first teaser, that the center of the paranormal activities of this season will be this very new shopping center.

An outfit to match

Like Steve’s, this Robin figure was only offered during Funko Fun days and of course represents her with her traditional sailor suit like Steve. She also wears blue shorts with white stripes (a bit shorter) but with a blue and white striped t-shirt and always a small red scarf. Like Steve she is wearing high white socks but with red sneakers in her case. On her head, we find her brown hair and the little sailor hat on which is written Ahoy.